Please note carefully When an installation has not been performed by TR.ELECTRIC Service Team or by an authorised installer, Streamer/TRANSEC will not cover under warranty any defects, leaks or damage after initial purchase.
For a TRANSEC unit to function correctly, it is critical to prepare for and perform a proper installation. Due to many onsite variables, all TRANSEC installations and commissioning activities must be correctly controlled with any leaks avoided at all cost as, on high voltage (HV) power transformers, these will have serious consequences. TR.ELECTRIC Service team will ensure a proper installation with and by the following proven services.
Service duration
1 to 2 days + commute
Service description
TR.ELECTRIC Services will take measurements of site, decide by agreement with client best location for the TRANSEC placement, decide pipe work and power supply point, choice of inlet and outlet flanges on the transformer
Services Deliverable
Clients site visit report with 3D installation drawing
The site survey can also be done “remotely” for some locations. In this case, TR.ELECTRIC engineer will exchange with the approved local partner or client to receive all the required information for creating the site survey report
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